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    Queue Merchandising

    Our Queue Merchandising Panel system is the first product designed to fit any brand existing barrier,Versatility is the key in our Queue Merchandising Panel system, it’s ability to hold hooks as well as shelves in the same section is a real plus for promoting impulse buys in any retail arena.

  • 20161027_1451592

    Café Banner Range

    Our durable range of Café style Barriers are ideal for indoor and outdoor seating areas, its a cost–effective way of extending your retail space outside.

    Available in 1.2m / 1.5m & 1.8m double sided windbreaker provides the perfect solution for outdoor or indoor advertising.

  • Elegance Crown

    Elegance Rope Stanchions

    Traditional rope stanchions are the last word in style and sophistication. Our Elegance range is a premium product line manufactured from heavy gauge steel/stainless steel with solid cast iron bases that offer excellent durability.

  • QMaster Black Black Belt

    Queue Master

    QueueMaster is fitted with the key safety features of belt lock and slow retract braking system and provides a functional, low cost solution for forming customer queues. The Xtra model features a 50% wider belt making a more visible barrier and giving much greater impact to printed logos and messages.

  • QueuePro300 Pol Stainless Belt_black

    Queue Pro 300

    The QueuePro 300 is designed for creating large queue systems where its 16’/4.9m belt halves the number of barriers
    that are needed with the industry standard 7.5’/2.3m belt.

  • QueuePro 250 Removable with Flange_3671

    Queue Pro Fixed / Removable

    Our full range of QueuePro retractable stanchions are available with fixed and removable base options, ideal for
    permanent or semi-permanent queue systems.

  • WallPro 400, Black_3732

    Wall Pro 400/450

    The WallPro 400 and 450 are wall mounted retracting belt barriers designed for restricting access in medium to long span
    applications such as warehouse aisles and loading bays.

  • WallMaster 300-400_Page_1_Image_0001

    Wall Master 300/400

    WallMaster wall mounts have the widest range of belt options available on the market.

  • ConePro 500 Zig Zag Set Up 1_4752-1

    Cone Pro 500

    ConePro, is a light, portable retracting belt unit that fits onto most types of traffic cones and is more effective at
    restricting access than cones alone.

  • SafetyPro

    Safety Pro

    SafetyPro 250 is a heavy duty portable barrier specifically designed for restricting access to work or cleaning

  • WeatherMaster-300

    Weather Master 300

    WeatherMaster 300 features a tough recycled rubber base, durable stainless steel post and an extra length
    16’/4.9m belt

  • A3 Horizontal Polished Chrome

    Standard Signs A4/A3

    Frames for retracting belt barriers are fitted with a post top adapter which slips over the top of the post for a firm fit. Frames for rope stanchions are fitted with a stud and screw directly into the stanchion’s tapped top.  Adapters and studs are available to fit all major brands of stanchions.

  • 25mm Group  Braided Slide Snap Ends

    Premium Ropes

    Our ropes are made with heavy duty cotton core, weather proof twisted polypropylene or tightly woven braids all of which provide smooth elegant drape between posts they are also available in a range of popular colors which can be matched with snap or hook ends in a variety of finishes.

  • 18-21 Post Storage Cart with Stanchions_9048-1H

    Storage Cart

    Storage Carts allow multiple barriers to be picked up, moved and stored at one time.  We have three models with 12, 18 & 21 barrier capacity.

  • merch-wheel

    Merchandising Wheel

    The RopeMaster range offers the sophistication of traditional velvet rope stanchion at an affordable price.

  • Merchandising Beam

    Merchandising Beam

    Finished in high visibility colors with a range of safety message belts available from stock, SafetyMaster provides
    a functional, low cost solution for restricting access to work or cleaning areas.

  • bowl

    Display Bowl

    The Display Bowl is a simple, low cost method of turning your customer queue barriers into an amazingly effective merchandising fixture.

  • QueueMaster Cinema 3_4576

    Queue Pro Cinema

    The QueuePro Cinema is designed for creating large queue systems where different length belts mean fewer barriers, lowers total purchase cost and reduces the labor required to set up and take down queue systems.

  • QueuePro Bank 2

    Queue Pro Bank

    The QueuePro Bank is designed for creating large queue systems where its 16’/4.9m belt halves the number of barriers
    that are needed with the industry standard 7.5’/2.3m belt.