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June 29, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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Our full range of QueuePro retractable stanchions are available with fixed and removable base options, ideal for
permanent or semi-permanent queue systems. For fixed applications the stanchion is fitted with a 5”/130mm
flange for surface mounting. Optional flange covers are available. When occasional removal may be necessary a
socket is set into the floor and the stanchion is fitted with an insert which slides into the socket. A cap fits flush
with the socket flange for safe closure when the stanchion is removed.



Fixed Base | Model PRO200FXSS

Height: 40“/1015mm
Weight: 5 lbs./2.3kg
Post Diameter: 2”/50mm


Removable Base | Model PRO200RMPS

Height: 40“/1015mm
Weight: 4 lbs./1.8kg
Post Diameter: Model 200 2”/50mm, Model 250

2.5”/64mm, Model 300 3”/75mm


QueuePro Fixed and Removable