About Us

As Managing Director of Q-Fitz, I am tasked with developing the company to be the number one supplier of queuing posts and barriers in our market and delivering on our caption : Quality Durability Reliability, our business policies adopted our slogan to drive us into the current market. The team in the US are developing new products for the market and we are focused on strategies and plans for future growth of the company.

Our Customers are everything to our business,our focus is to build lasting relationships with our clients and with a strong focus on an after-sales maintenance service we would like to think of our clients as partners in business helping and developing solutions for any event .We have a passion for quality, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Key customers benefit & services:

  • Advice on how to design effective queue layouts to save space, speed customer flow.
  • Custom belt printing & Custom signage – add high impact graphics or logos to your barrier belts and customise your directional signage.
  • Consulting on the psychological aspects of queuing, Managing your customer’s perception of their waiting experience and improving your customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Product customisation – need to match a specific décor or corporate color? We can produce your barriers in over 200 different colors and finishes
  • Logistics service – our team is skilled in delivering on time, high volume roll outs to multiple sites nationwide
  • Reliable delivery – our large finished goods inventory ensures we can meet your delivery requirements every time on our core product range
    * 3 year warranty on our product range