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July 21, 2016
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June 29, 2016
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Merchandising Beam
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The Merchandising Beam is a simple, low cost way of generating impulse sales from the customer queue. The beam is attached to the queue belt stanchion using the stanchion’s standard receiving splines. Available in 4’/1.2m and 6’/1.8m lengths, the longer unit can accept ten 12 position Clip Strips and up to four Display Bowls. Attaching the Clip Strips is also simple; just feed the strip’s hook through the hole in the beam to allow fast restocking with preloaded Clip Strips.


Construction:  Steel
Max Clip Strip Length:  12 positions – 31”/787mm
Beam Length:  4’/1.2m or 6’/1.8m
Beam Weight:  4’/1.2m – 5.5 lbs./2.5kg or 6’/1.8m – 8.5 lbs./3.9kg
Max Number of Bowls:  4’/1.2m – 3, 6’/1.8m – 4
Max Number of Clip Strips:  4’/1.2m – 7 per side 14 total or 6’/1.8m – 10 per side 20 total


  • Creates an eye catching, attractive display to encourage impulse purchases.
  • Does not exceed the diameter of the base, no obstruction of the queue space
  • Can be merchandised on both sides.
  • High capacity for fewer restocks
  • Easy to load for fast restocking
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Can be supplied to fit all major stanchion brands