Standard Signs A4/A3

25mm Group  Braided Slide Snap Ends
Premium Ropes
June 29, 2016
Weather Master 300
June 30, 2016
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A3 Horizontal Polished Chrome
SFHD8511VB-BK Table Top_9136-1H
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Standard Sign Frames_Page_1_Image_0006
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Standard Sign Frames_Page_1_Image_0008
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Standard Sign Frames_Page_1_Image_0001
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Standard Sign Frames_Page_1_Image_0003

Frames for retracting belt barriers are fitted with a post top adapter which slips over the top of the post for a firm fit. Frames for rope stanchions are fitted with a stud and screw directly into the stanchion’s tapped top.  Adapters and studs are available to fit all major brands of stanchions.


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