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Queue Pro 300
June 29, 2016
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July 22, 2016
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Functional & Affordable

QueueMaster is fitted with the key safety features of belt lock and slow retract braking system and
provides a functional, low cost solution for forming customer queues. The Xtra model features a 50%
wider belt making a more visible barrier and giving much greater impact to printed logos and messages.
Concrete filled galvanized
steel base
Steel/stainless steel post


Model: 550 550 Xtra
Height: 40”/1015mm 40”/1015mm
Weight: 20lbs./9kg 20lbs./9kg
Post Diameter: 2.5”/64mm 2.5”/64mm
Base Diameter: 14”/355mm 14”/355mm
Belt Width: 2”/50mm 3”/75mm
Belt Length: 8.5’/2.6m 8.5’/2.6m
11’/3.4m 11”/3.4m


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